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Our interest in also saving rabbits has a big role to the Cancer Project.

Uterine adenocarcinoma is a malignant Cancer of the uterus and is the most common type of cancer seen in rabbits. Uterine cancer occurs in up to 60% of females that are greater than three years old. 

Mammary cancer or mastitis is often found in rabbits with uterine cancer. Other types of cancers that rabbits are prone to are, Bladder and Pancreatic Cancer.

About 20 years ago, my mom and I bought our first pet together, which was a bunny called Ruby.  She loved this bunny dearly and had it with her everyday at home and at work in the family Supermarkets for about 5 years.  Ruby was a domestic in-house bunny.  Subsequent to my moms passing last year, I bought another baby bunny called Skouliki.  This is the bunny that appears on the email signatures. 

This bunny gave me such comfort during those very difficult days when I was grieving the loss of my mom and missing her terribly, that in some special way, I believe that my mom’s spirit was one with Skouliki. 

However, very sadly Skouliki passed away in May this year after I had her spayed, to prevent her from developing Uterine Cancer, due to kidney issues possibly caused by a parasite called E-Cuniculi (known as EC).


This broke my heart once again terribly, but through the loss of Skouliki, I met Anabel from Bunny Tales Rescue and this opened my eyes to all these incredible bunny rescues that I was not aware of before. I have subsequently adopted from her institution.

I have learnt a great deal more about the health of rabbits through the assistance of the Bryanston Avian Exotic Small Animal Clinic known as BAESAC and how they too are very prone to developing Cancer. This then made me realize that there was a link needed to my main project.

Seeing how these Bunny Rescues all try to assist and save bunnies (whether they are ferrets in the wild or rescued by the institutions) by having them neutered and spayed, is amazing and I know the costs of their vet bills in respect of doing this good deed, is expensive. It is for this reason that I want to be able to contribute towards these Institutions Vet bills and more, when possible, through the project.


"WE ARE PROUD TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THESE Bunny Rescue institutions". 

Together with your help, we can make a difference 

Email: evy@filotimo.org.za

Phone: 082 883 1728

Registered Charity: NPO 233-525

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