Who is Michelle Göldner

MC NLP Life, Cancer, Mind-Body Coach


A compassionate coach who offers insights and support for those going through all kinds of transitions and challenges, including cancer.

I offer everyone ways to find and overcome fears, limitations, and blocks, so they can find their authentic selves and overcome all obstacles.

I have a passion for human behaviour and all that drives us, mind, body, and soul.  I focus on mental, physical, emotional, health and spiritual building blocks, so they align with your life, values, beliefs, and purpose.  Only once you become aware of who you are, can you identify and change the beliefs and behaviours holding you back.

I am a certified ICR Master NLP Coach and specialize in Life, Cancer and Nutrition Coaching.  I am also a qualified Child Kineticist with 12 years practice and experience.  Amongst other, I am qualified in Mindfulness coaching, Timeline therapy, Body Language, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for anxiety, PTSD and other traumas, fears, and phobias.  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cancer Nutrition, Cancer Coaching, Cancer & Nutrition to Non-Toxic Healing, How to use Food as Medicine, Cancer Prevention, Gestalt Therapy & Inner Child Healing, to name but a few and still learning.

My passion and purpose are people and helping them navigate life so they can live their best lives.

I have been surrounded by cancer my entire life.  I lost my grandfather (my mom’s) to bone cancer, my grandmother (my dad’s) to pancreatic cancer at a young age.  My middle sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24, now in remission yet diagnosed with Grave’s disease.  My dad had skin cancer and Parkinson’s and passed this March 2020.

I have had my 1st biopsy done in 2015 and have 2 Fibroadenomas in my left breast.  We carry the BRCA2 gene, hormonal.  I am vigilant about my yearly check-ups, self-examination and learning everything and as much as I can on prevention and cures.  Food and health and especially the correlation between trapped emotions and disease.  Science is brilliant and more evidence found daily.  Therefore, I do what I do, love what I do and love helping people live healthier, better lives daily.

Obstacles are merely steppingstones; we can use them to overcome almost anything.



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