Temotio Jacopo, known to us as Timo, is the Brand Ambassador for the Machi Filotimo Cancer Project and runs Marathons in aid of raising funds for Caner and our Cause. 


Timo is a fitness instructor and a personal Trainer.

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Temotio is a personal trainer and holds the following certificates:-

  1. Trifocus Fitness Academy - Personal Training Course [24 November 2019]

  2. InFitness - FitFunc IV Instructor [1 May 2015]

  3. SpinFitness - Spinning Instructor Orientation [7 September 2013]

He is a fabulous communicator and full of amazing positive energy. He has an outgoing personality and enjoys working in front of large groups. 

Having been involved with a number of brands previously, he thrives on spreading his message through social media.  He is a strong motivator and believes that sport helps everyone to improve and maintain physical ability and skills.


He has years of experience as a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer in the fitness industry. 


He has participated in multiple sports activities to name but a few:-


  1. Completed one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons, The Comrades Marathon;

  2. CYCLETHONS – as an event instructor;

  3. Group Training, boot camp and running.

Here are some testimonials from his clients...

Dr. Zukiswa Mthimunye

Khanyi Chaba

Tabby Tsengiwe

Magcino Gule

Mpho Motaung