Russell De Beer

Joins forces with Filotimo to raise funds and create awareness for our project while doing what he loves..

Russell De Beer 50 years, 1.9m


Russell is founder and owner of All Out Waterproofing.  Amongst his many hats, he has a Diploma in Business Management, Financial markets and instruments and acted as Executive Financial Advisor for many years.


He has always been into fitness and staying active most his life.  A few years ago he was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and instead of taking chronic medication, he decided to change his lifestyle and diet and got into Mountain Biking.


This has since become a true passion and having many races and hours of training under his belt, he has decided to join forces with Filotimo to raise funds and create awareness for our project while doing what he loves.  Mountain Biking has transformed his health and fitness and also gave him perspective into and appreciation for the mental strength needed in ultra endurance sports.


His ultimate goal is to complete the MUNGA MTB of a little more than 1000km.  This ride starts in Bloemfontein, finishes near Wellington in the Western Cape.


He has an outgoing personality and enjoys the outdoors, staying fit, eating healthy and spending tons of hours on his bike training for the next race. He is definitely a people’s person and full of amazing positive energy.  He has a soft spot for children and the elderly and is always assisting where he can.


Having been exposed to the health industry he is passionate about raising awareness for cancer and other chronic diseases.  He is a strong motivator and believes that sports and fitness helps  improve and maintain physical ability, health and mental acuity.  


He has participated in multiple MTB events such as:-


  • Cape Argus Cycle Tour – 109km

  • 94.7 Cycle Challenge – 94.7km

  • 36One Half Challenge – 185km

  • Trans Clarens - private event, training for the 36One – 300km

  • Café Du Cirque – 120km

  • And various other road races.


Races coming up:-

  • 36One MTB Challenge – 361km our main event on 14 May 2021

  • Trans Gariep – approximately 315km

  • 94.7 Cycle Challenge

  • Race to the Sun – 167km

  • 100 Miler Races

  • Munga Grit – 500km


Russell is looking forward to contribute and help raise funds and awareness for a very special cause while completing his MTB passion.

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