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Stage 0 & Stage 1

Invasive HR2+

Breast Cancer


This is my story


My name is Adera Kachienga, originally from Kenya but lived in SA for over 20 years. 


So my journey as Breast Cancer survivor has been an ongoing process. I was diagnosed with DCIS Stage 0 on my left breast.  Line of treatment was skin sparing mastectomy.


Then in November 2020, I felt 2 tiny lumps literally the size of a peanut, by my medical team. 


Bearing in mind I had been going for 3 month check up's and mammogram screening, given the all clear, therefore my diagnosis was fat necrosis.  However, my plastic surgeon insisted biopsies needed to be done after removal of tumor. 


Result of biopsies confirmed that I have Stage 0 & Stage 1 invasive Breast Cancer HR2+ so line of treatment now is chemo for 6 months (which I start in January 2021), radiation and anti hormonal therapy.


So yeah... am literally taking it one day at a time!

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