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Lung Cancer


My name is Shoba and this is my story

I went for my second dose of my vaccine, after which I had the flu and a week later developed a cough. I was drinking cough mixture which did not help and later began drinking ginger and turmeric which did not help either. 


I then developed a pimple in my ear, which had concerned me, and I went to the doctor. It was an abscess. I then told the doctor about the cough. She examined me thoroughly and suggested that I go for an X-Ray. 


After going for the X-Ray, it showed I had fluid in the lung. I went back to the doctor, and she had prescribed me antibiotics.  The cough was still the same two weeks later. I then went back to the doctor, and she had referred me to a specialist. 


After the specialist examined me, he was not pleased with not being able to hear my left lung. He had me admitted into hospital. Fluid was found between my rib cage and lung. 


After two weeks in hospital, they had to insert a pipe for drainage of the fluid, through my ribs in which they had to literally crack to get through to my lung. 


Thereafter the oncologist came in to see me, as they detected a mass on my lung. 


I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer


In December 2021, I went for the Pet Scan. Once I received the results and went to see my oncologist, he advised the findings weren’t conclusive. 


It had seemed as if the cancer started in my ovaries and had spread to my lung. They confirmed it’s Stage 4 because the cancer has spread to a different organ and that they are able to do treatment. I go for chemo one a week. 


Shoba gained her Angel Wings in April 2023.

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