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Mpumelelo Usibi

Breast Cancer




I was born and raised in Mpumalanga. I am a mother of two beautiful children (7 years old boy and 1yr 8 months old girl♡♡) 


My journey started very unexpectedly. I was 7 months pregnant with my baby girl.  I noticed some masses on my right breast. Went to a local clinic and was told that any pregnant women have masses when pregnant and it will vanish after birth.


After birth, I went back to the clinic and they gave me a referral to THELLE MOGWERANE REGINAL HOSPITAL and at TMRH, they referred me to Baragwanath where they ran all the tests to check what was wrong with my breast. 


It was on the 31st of May 2021 that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer... Imagine a 26 years old with breast cancer! 


When the doctor broke the news, I couldn't believe it. I cried so hard.... felt like was dying. I  thought I was going to die, like my mother, who passed away from  because cervical cancer. 


I was booked to start chemotherapy  on the 3rd of  August 2021.  I started with chemotherapy, which made me loose my hair... even now I have a bald head. My nails also turned black. My doctor gave me 8 circles of chemotherapy, so far I did 5. 


While on chemotherapy my doc suggested that I must do CT scan,  I which I did and results came back and I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic breasts, bones, lungs, liver and ovarian cancer.


I felt like it was the end of me. Other part of me wanted to gave up chemotherapy because I  thought... its not working!  Why is the cancer spreading so fast while on treatment? I had so many questions. 


But I have an amazing partner who encourages me everyday, who reminds me why I have to live....


After chemotherapy I will be doing surgery on both my breasts and my story continues after then...

All my love

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