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We are thrilled to introduce FILOTIMO KIDS!  


With a focus on educating our future leaders and ambassadors and of course, celebrating our young brave warriors, FILOTIMO KIDS is also a platform for families of children who are fighting cancer, to talk to our amazing Rangers, Navigators and Professional Experts to gain insight and support into the journey ahead.  


Our goal is to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer.  The Filotimo Kids Club encourages everyone to Go Gold during September in honour and in memory of kids with cancer!


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) is recognized every September by childhood cancer organizations around the world... a time to recognize the children and families affected by childhood cancers and to emphasize the importance of supporting research on these devastating conditions.


It is symbolised by a gold ribbon, worn to commemorate the event.  Why is gold used for childhood cancer? The colour gold symbolizes how precious children are and the resiliency of childhood cancer heroes. Unlike other awareness ribbons that symbolize one specific disease, the childhood cancer ribbon stands for dozens of childhood cancer types.


With a goal to increase awareness and raise funds for those affected by childhood cancer, the Filotimo Kids Club encourages everyone to Go Gold during September in honour and in memory of kids with cancer!


In September, and throughout the year, we honour the children currently battling cancer, the families who love them, the clinicians and other caregivers treating them, the survivors of childhood cancer, the children who lost their lives to childhood cancer, and the researchers working to conquer childhood cancer.


Public awareness of the warning signs of childhood cancer is vital.  Currently, between 800 to a 1 000 SA children are diagnosed with cancer annually. However, it’s estimated that half of the children with cancer in South Africa, are never diagnosed.


We are proud to be associated with the Cancer Association of South Africa [CANSA] and together our aim is to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, its warning signs and symptoms and to educate our youth about Cancer as early detection is absolute key for treatment outcomes!


CANSA’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Programme is aimed at educating the public on the early warning signs. 


Help us to continue to do what we do... in the spirit of Filotimo by donating to our cause 🎗so we can support our children’s partnered institutions and our Filotimo Kids Club. 


“Doing what we do... in the spirit of Filotimo”

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They are a non-profit organisation that advocates for the health and well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families. 

The passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers of CHOC aim to save lives through early detection and comprehensive support programmes for the families affected by cancer.





Alexia is a 13 year old girl who loves singing, dancing and everything creative. 


Alexia has a very loud personality and loves to take on leadership roles. She has a keen interest in Astrology and did one of her public speaking speeches on her being a Leo.  


A quote from her Leo speech sums her personality up perfectly, she said, “Leo’s love to bask in the spotlight, and celebrate themselves. The lion represents great leadership, majesty, strength, courage, justice and military might.”  Alexia has a fantastic sense of humor, and believes that laughter is the best medicine. 

She started  Public Speaking at the age of 8, to build confidence, and 5 years later enjoys competing against her peers in competitions Including improvised public speaking and poetry recital. Alexia is in a public speaking group with 3 of her peers. They are to proud to consistently achieve top marks. 


Alexia was voted by her peers in Grade 6, last year, as captain for her sports house but also as one of her schools Johannesburg mini city counselors, an achievement she’s wanted since Grade 3. 


Alexia has a strong focus on her school studies and regularly achieves distinctions in most subjects. Her favourite subjects are: Art, Drama, Natural Science and Physical Education.  Alexia is a keen chef/baker and loves to include herself in the kitchen. She mentions how she has a passion for traveling and tasting the world’s cuisines after coming from a strong Greek background. Opa!!


Alexia quotes:-

“Filotimo means to me, to find the true people who make you happy, and appreciating one another without ever expecting something in return.” 


Alexia’s Grandmother, Ellen Comninos was battling Stage 4, Lung Cancer and passed away on 2 August 2021 and Alexia mentioned how this has been eye opening for her. She wants to do everything she can to spread awareness about cancer and its causes.


She’s proud to be associated with the Machi Filotimo Cancer Project





Misha is a 13-Year-old Dancer who is a miracle baby born on  Valentine’s Day in Pretoria, South Africa.


She lets her light shine bright every day and everywhere she goes.  Most of her time is spent at two of the best Dance Studios in Pretoria and at School. Misha is a very proud, dedicated and committed member of Monique Grove Acrobatic Studio where she does Acrobatic Dance and has won numerous awards and was chosen to represent South Africa abroad in various Countries. She also does Ballet and Modern Dance at Leap for Joy Dance.  She is also a proud scholar at Curro Hazeldean in Silverlakes and is excellent in her Academics. All of these amazing institutions stand behind her Vision, Goals and Dreams.  In her free time, she loves to sing and yes “Dance”. She also enjoys spending time with her family and working on causes to make a difference.


If you ask Misha who her Heros are she would say her Mother Madelyn and her Grandfather Johan. In 2013 Misha’s Mother got paralyzed. At a tender age of 4 she had to watch her Mom for 4 Months learn to walk again. She remembers how hard it was, but her Mother never gave up. She says her Mother is the strongest person she knows, and she loves and admires her so much. Even in the tough times her Mother was there for her raising her and helping her develop into the person she is today. Her Mom is her biggest fan and there is not a thing in this world her Mother will not do for her. Misha says, “I am truly Blessed”.


Misha’s Grandfather was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2014. Again, this family had a battle to fight. He fought this battle like a champion, going through Chemo and Radiation Therapy, never complaining always putting smiles on everybody’s faces through his pain and living each day to the fullest. God came to get her Grandfather 20 January 2018, one of the hardest days of their lives.


When Misha thinks of her Mom learning to walk again and her Grandfather fighting Cancer, she get’s up every morning and channels that strength she saw from her two Hero’s along with her Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and she lets her light shine and she does life with everything she’s got.


Misha’s Mission is to help bring Cancer Awareness through everything she does, but mostly dance. “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”.


With her whole heart and soul, she wants to make a difference in every single person’s life who has been affected in some way or form by Cancer.  "We can’t always choose the Music life plays for us, but we can choose how we Dance to it".  I never define obstacles as failures, I mark my success by my repeated perseverance.  Dance is my life, my passion. It is what gives me the drive and discipline to excel in everything I set my mind to. I have at a young age impacted the lives of young people and want to continue to do so for many years to come. This huge honor to be Junior Brand Ambassador and bringing awareness for a cause close to my heart, I can help children one day find their passion and also have a positive impact in their community.




- G.N.G.A Colors 3 Years

- 2020 Northern Gauteng 1st Place

- SA Colors 2 Years

- 2020 SA’s 2nd Place

- 2019 SA’s 5th Place

- Best Level 8 Acrobat 2020

- Acrobat of the Year 2020

- SA Dance Addiction Best Acrobat 2020

- Emerald Exam – Honors with Distinction

- RAD Ballet Exam – Distinction

- Curro CAS – Kryptonite (95% - 100%)

- 2020 Qualified to dance in Croatia

- 2021 Qualified to dance in Portugal

- Curro Choir 3 Years 

- Curro Choir Sing in Harmonie       




Sophia is a 13 year old girl who has a bubbly personality who loves to do things that are outside the box and I love spending time with people who make me happy.

Something that inspired me to be apart of the Filotimo Kids Club was that I love how they donate to cancer awareness. I remember the first time I took part in a Filotimo event, I was amazed at the way they do so much for people and immediately I knew I wanted to be apart of the filotimo kids club.

One of my biggest passions is Netball. I started playing Netball when I was 7 years old and it has been my passion ever since. I play Netball 5 times a week and I enjoy competing against other schools.

Some of my favorite subjects are English, Natural science and Math.

Over the years I have been achieving academic excellence and I will continue to work hard and achieve my goals in academics as when I'm older I would like to become a Doctor.

I would like to raise awareness about Cancer because I think it's so sad how people and children have to go through that. My Mom's Grandmother had Skin Cancer so that's how I found out about cancer.

My Mom is my biggest inspiration because she has achieved so many of her goals, including designing and creating her own olamati brand.

A quote I stand by is:-

"Be kind because you never know what someone else is going through"


Ola Mati by Sophia Range! 


We are extremely proud of our #FilotimoJuniorAmbassador Sophia on launching her new range in aid of raising awareness and funds for #ChildhoodCancer and supporting the Filotimo Kids Club🎗


This range has been specially designed and handmade for teenagers and kids!  Sophia has a variety of bracelets, necklaces and combo sets. Each item can be custom made to suit your choices.


Click on the link to shop online or pop into Eastgate and Fourways Mall!


You will also be supporting our amazing cause when you purchase any one of her pieces! 






Filotimo Kids Club on the move again!

A fabulous morning spent with our amazing partners LAMBANO SANCTUARY, spoiling their amazing warriors just a bit!



We are proud to be associated with The Cancer Association of South Africa [CANSA] and together our aim is to raise awareness about Childhood Cancer, its warning signs and symptoms and to educate our youth about Cancer as early detection is absolute key for treatment outcomes!

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Hi! My name is Bianca, mommy to Liané. Liané was diagnosed in December 2020 with Neuroblastoma. She was due to start chemotherapy, then she stopped breathing. They had to resussitate her causing major brain damage. She was never going to be able to see again. After the resussitation, she completed 4 rounds of intensive chemotherapy. The chemo she had completed shrunk the tumour A LOT, but it was still active and still there. 


We had a discussion with the doctors and we were given 3 choices:

1. Intensive chemotherapy which might help, but will make her extremely sick. 

2. Less invasive chemotherapy which will just keep the tumour under control and slow down the spread. 

3. No treatment. 


We went with option 2, knowing that this chemotherapy is not designed to "cure" but to give us just a little bit more time.  Liané was scheduled to go for a MiBG scan in February 2021, but she was just too weak, so they cancelled it. Since her last round of intensive chemotherapy she completed 6 rounds of less invasive chemotherapy and she was strong enough to do the MiBG scan. 


6 October 2021, we got to do the first part of the MiBG and then the second part the day after. I got to be with her while they do the scan. I asked the radiologist to explain to me what she is seeing on the scans if she can after the second day and she asked me quite a lot of questions regarding treatments, etc. She could not find ANY tumour in Liané's body. 12 October 2021 her doctors could confirm Liané was in remission and no active tumour can be seen or found in her body. 



What do we do now? 

Liané has to go for blood tests to keep an eye on her for the next 6 months. She also has to do urine tests and she might do follow up scans to just keep an eye on it. Liané still needs to receive physio to improve her strength and movement. She still has the feeding tube. Her eye sight is improving and is reacting to lightness and darkness. 


We thank everyone who has supported us in the journey so far! We still have some work to do and we are surely getting there. Anyone wishing to help with blood tests, physio, scans, appointment costs or daily needs with regards to her spesialised feeding, etc can do so by clicking the link below.


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