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Brain Cancer 



I survived Brain Cancer by the Grace of God


Towards the middle of 2010 I started to have dizzy spells and just a feeling of unwell, my Dr started treating me for menopause, one day my left leg just caved in, when my Dr heard that she was immediately alarmed & arranged for me to see a Neurologist. I was sent for CT and MRI scans.

To my utter dismay & shock I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.

I saw Dr Zorio at the Milpark who took his time to explain what was wrong & how it could be treated.

Surgery 1st after that will then decide on the necessary treatment if tumor malignant.

Once tumor was removed and test done, I was advised it was a Glioblastoma, one of the most deadly tumors. I felt like I was given a death sentence and my feet was swept out from under me, I was beyond terrified. I was referred to an oncologist who advised chemo and radiation.

The 1st year was the most traumatic with regards to treatments chemo radiation, every time I had to go for scan I would have the worse scanxiety dreading that the beast had returned.

The best advice Dr Zorio gave me was "don’t google each case is different".  I did 6 months of Temodar (Chemo) 5 days on a month and 30 treatments of radiation. I was very blessed every time I went for treatments, I had an angel who would sit with me.  Since my tumor, I have become a kinder and more giving person. I have a lot of faith, as I feel I’m only here by the grace of God.

Every day is blessing to me. Tomorrow is not promised.

If my story can help just one person then I’m happy to share my story.

My motto is, be kinder and gentler.... everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

I believe in miracles, because I am one.


Rhona Jones


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