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Breast Cancer


Hi My name is Lucille Sigaban, I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Lobular Carcinoma) a year and 3 months after my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


I notice a dimpling in my breast and felt a lump, I went to my GP on the 8 September 2021

and she said I should go for a sonar. I was booked for the 10 September 2021.  When I went for the sonar the doctor at Radiology said I should do a mammogram.  When I was done with the mammogram, the doctor said they need to urgently do a Biopsy because there is something there, they put a marker in as well.


I already new that day I had Cancer. My husband was the only one that knew what was going on. On the 14th September 2021 my GP called and broke the news to me that I have cancer and need to see a Surgeon.

20th September 2021 I saw my Surgeon and he said I should first go on Tamoxifen because my Cancer is not aggressive or a fast grower. Went on tamoxifen and on the 17th December 2021, I did my op (Bilateral Mastectomy and reconstruction).


25th January 2022 put a Chemoport in. Started Chemo on the 07th February 2022 and when I was done with my 4th Red Devil, I needed a Blood Transfusion.


26th April 2022 I had a bad reaction while doing Chemo and was admitted for my Chemoport to be removed because it was infected.


Did 3 sessions in my hand and than went to put the Chemoport back in. I am left with 6 Chemo Sessions and when I am done, I will do 6 weeks of Radiation and then do my Permanent Implants.


My biggest Supporters is my kids, husband, family and friends.


If I wasn’t for my kids I don’t think I would have come this far. They have made me laugh and cry when my hair fell out, my nails changed colour and skin changed.


There were days when I just wanted to be alone and cry. Somedays I don’t want to be around people, but I have learnt that I just need to get up and face what the day has in store for me.


It is always one day at time and live life like I have never before.


A note to all Cancer fighters out there Cancer is not a nice thing but just have a positive mind and fight like you have never fought before and that will keep you strong. Don’t give up!

All my love


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