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Melanoma Cancer



Naniki Seboni
Cancer Survivor - Motivational Speaker - Master of Ceremony - Actress

An only child born to 2 working class parents, Naniki Seboni was raised in a family that had big dreams for her.

Her mother had dreams of her being the first black female to swim for the South African team at the Olympics, but the young star athlete had her own plans.  Surprisingly enough, Naniki was a shy daddy’s girl, but soon found her voice in drama classes to build her confidence.

In 2011, Naniki, or more affectionately known as Nikki started her media career doing television commercials.  Her first booking earned her an advert and billboards showcasing in Sub Saharan Africa for the Airtel Mobile cellular network. Locally, she featured on KFC and Toyota Aygo commercials and was bit by the media bug.

When 2012 rolled about, Nikki enrolled for a TV Presenting course at the SABC studios in Auckland Park, where she graduated and concluded her experience by signing as an artist under Stark Raving Management with the renowned Kimberleigh Stark. Her career started to blossom as she was then featured on E TVs Vat ‘n Sit comedy series, and 2 Mzansi Magic movies where she played a leading role in the movie “Confidence”.

Not only did she find an interest in acting, but also took a leap of faith that paid off after studying radio production and presenting at Boston Media House. Upon completing her course, she applied for the YFM Y Academy programme where she was accepted and took the time to explore her interests in radio presenting and content production.  


While at YFM in 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage III Skin Cancer: Malignant Melanoma. With her busy radio schedule she neglected her doctor’s appointments out of fear of the unknown, but after some soul searching she went back to hospital and was operated on to remove the cancer.

Now cancer free and healing, Nikki realised her confidence-building journey was preparing her for something greater. She took her victory and zoned in her efforts to speak on cancer awareness.

After an article published in The Star newspaper titled “Skin cancer does not discriminate”, she sparked the interest of a cosmetics skin care company and Mzansi’s #1 cancer awareness organisation Cancervive.  Cancervive gave her a platform to speak and create awareness about cancer as one of their ambassadors, along with other cancer survivors and supporters.

The newly cancer free survivor shined during the 2016 Cancervive Ride which travelled over 2400km across the Western and Eastern Capes. This fueled her spirit even more to continue spreading the word about cancer.

In returning from the ride she organized caring sessions at different hospitals to pamper cancer patients and offer encouragement. Invitations started pouring in which saw Nikki speaking at a number of events and appearing on more print and radio publications.

As an experienced presenter; having lead over 100 roadshows on career guidance to high school learners, being a master of ceremony at events supporting cancer initiatives and other cancer organisations, Nikki now owns her craft as a presenter and motivational speaker, and today continues to harness her capabilities as a speaker.

Speaking is a privilege for me, I have an opportunity to positively change someone’s life

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