4 FEBRUARY 2018 

Andromachi, known as Machi was born in Athens on 7th April 1949.  She was 68 years old when she passed away from Ovarian Cancer within 6 weeks after being diagnosed.

She was a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  She was a pillar of strength and role model.  I don't think I have ever come across someone so hardworking, dedicated and loved, like my mom.  She never gave up, no matter how hard things may have been for her.  

Having to immigrate from Greece to South Africa in 1972, she entered into a country that she knew nothing about, couldn't speak the language and leaving her entire family behind.  Yet, she supported her husband and together, 46 years later, made a life for herself and her family here in Johannesburg.  A more dedicated and caring mom I could not have ask for.  She supported her family in every business that they chose to venture on, some good, some bad, but never gave up, fighting to survive, no matter how hard the struggle was.

I guess you could say this is why she was so very brave, right to her very last day on earth, she never showed her pain, always kept her smile and said... "Evy, don't stress!" These were her last real words to me before passing on and these words I will never forget.  

This is one of the main reasons for initiating this project, to create  awareness. I know my mom would have wanted  me to help save someone else's life from this life threatening disease that is eating away at so many loved ones and neglecting it and its symptoms, creates more heart ache for those left behind.

Andromachi is a female name that originates from the ancient years. 
In fact, the ancient Greek name Andromachi is a compound word and derivesfrom the words "Machi" which means battle and "andros" which means "of a man".

Therefore, Andromachi means the battle, or the fight of a man.  
Evy Michalopoulos

"I never knew what bravery was until I saw it in my mom."

This was Machi's favourite song.

It means "a red carnation".

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