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I am Lindie happily married for nearly 32 years, 3 children of which 2 are married, blessed with 3 grandchildren, forth on its way.  

I work full time and run my Avon Justine Business on the sideline for over 24 years.


Diagnosed 07.02.2019 with Breast Cancer, Luminal B, Her 2 negative, Hormone sensitive, Estrogen and Progestogen positive, Stage 3, spreading fast at KI rate of 86%


Taking a shower after my Pilates class, I felt a golf-ball size, painless Lump, in my upper middle left breast, clearly visible. 

14.03.2019~ I started my 4 Red Angel iv Chemotherapies (Devil)

Lost all my hair 2 weeks after first chemo.  Landed up in hospital with no immune system and low white blood count. I had to inject a booster into my stomach every 3 weeks for 3 days.

14.06.2019~ 12 Paclitaxel iv Chemotherapies.  Caused Chemo brain. Forced into Menopause, for the good, as my menstruation fed my cancer.  I had a terrible breakout on my face for the next 3 months.

26.09.2019~ Bilateral breast and nipple saving Mastectomy, with direct Reconstruction silicone implants.

04.11.2019~ 29 Radiation sessions, each weekday for 6 weeks. I had a complete response to the chemotherapy; surgery went well and during my radiation I was in Remission.


2020 Year 2

  • 26.03.2020~ Covid19 Lockdown - Found Abnormal cancer cells in the Lymph Nodes under my left arm Axillary.  

  • 06.04.2020~ 12 Gemzar iv Chemotherapies for 6 months.  

  • 10.09.2020~ I turned 50.

  • 14.10.2020~ I had a 3 hours Sentinel Lymph Node Removal Surgery  

  • 02.11.2020~ 6 months of 3000gr Capexa Chemo Pills per day.  This dried out my hands and feet.  My feet turned red, blue, purple, then blisters peeled of so that I had no skin left on my feet. 


2021 Year 3

  • 05.05.2021~ A big black dog bit me and I had a Hand Operation.  Opening 9 wounds, luckily no tendons were severed, 5 weeks of rabies and tetanus injections. 

  • 26.05.2021~ After a PET CT scan a coin size 3cm Liver lesion was found, and a Liver Radiofrequency Ablation Procedure was done.  

  • 27.06.2021~ My eldest sister Anita passed away from Covid.

  • 12.07.2021~ We sold our big family home, scaled down to a 3-bedroom townhouse.

  • 26.10.2021~ My fourth type of cancer, 2 Lymph Nodes was tripling in size in 1 month in my Abdomen close to my liver.  Fifth Line of Halaven iv Chemotherapies 12 for 6 months.  All my hair fell out for the second time.

  • 16.12.2021~ I got Salmonella, food poisoning, from an oyster, 6 days in hospital.

2022 Current Year

  • 07.03.2022~ I got Covid, man down for 4 days.

  • 17.03.2022~ As Sister pulled out my last chemo from my second Port, I got a call.  My brother Andre, passed away from a massive heart attack.  I was devastated but took it as a sign that my cancer died with him.

  • 05.05.2022~ In Remission, forever!! On Letrozole Hormone Blocker for the next few years.  Tamoxifen did not work for me.  


When I was diagnosed everything changed.  Cancer is on your mind when you go to bed and when you wake up. My overwhelming support system carried me through. We are a close-knit family and I have a loving husband that stood by me 24/7.  At times it felt as if I was at my own funeral, not because of all the flowers, but because so many spoke such good things over my life. Blessed with 3 grandchildren in this period.  


Therefore, I decided to choose life. I always found my courage in healing scriptures in the Word, my “Medication for Meditation”.


From the start I said I never wanted to look like a cancer patient.  I tried to stay positive, got up in the morning, got dressed, did my make-up, wore big earrings, and nice scarves and hats to match my outfit.  Look Good Feel Good. I had good and bad days, you must cry, you do not have to be strong all the time.  Its ok not to be ok!  Support and Share your story with others, it might help them in their fight and give Hope. Do not do this alone!  Cancer is life threatening, and life changing, but not the end of the world.


Today I am much closer to God and give Him all the glory for helping me to manage through this 3 years 3 months continues treatment.  


He did not only Heal me, but I am Whole.  He gave me a gift of life. In my younger years I used to be quiet with a low self-esteem, but I feel much more loved and stronger than I ever gave myself credit for.  I am more sensitive and compassionate towards sick people and want to support them with my story.  


At age 21, I had Cervical cancer removed from the Neck of my Womb.  The doctors said we should try for a baby immediately.  At the time I was prayed over at church and the cancer episode was gone and forgotten. My sisters actually reminded me that my cancer story starts there.  I must have blocked the terrifying memory totally.  


Cancer has never been a topic of discussion in my family because no-one has had cancer!  I was fit, in top shape, never smoked, drank socially, went to the gynecologist for my checkups, went for my mammograms since I was 40 every 3 years, so not likely to be a candidate.  The power of Knowledge is crucial in the fight against cancer  I had to take control of cancer, and not to be fear-driven. I educated myself via cancer articles, Facebook groups, asked and listened to professionals and doctors.  I learnt so much because Cancer now affected me. To the ladies please, and men also, check yourself regularly, and if you find something different seek medical help. 


I have been writing my Autobiography for the last 3 years and believe we will see it soon.


You never know how strong you are, till being strong is your only option!

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