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The Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand was started in September, 1979 by a Johannesburg couple, Stan and Sherley Henen, who first responded to a need in their community for Hospice care. Initially care was provided by a part-time nurse from their house.

You have just been given the news that you have a disease that will end your life. You’re afraid, angry, uncertain and scared. Maybe you are already in pain. How are you going to cope? How is your family going to cope? You are not ready to die. You want to live. Call Hospice Wits and we will help and support you, and ensure that you live each day, week, month or year to the fullest. The quantity of your life may have been determined, but the quality has not. We promise to help you live well for longer and to celebrate your life to the end, ensuring that you are pain free and able to die with dignity.

Hospice Wits is available from the time you are diagnosed with a life threatening illness, to walk you through the shock and fear, and to support you and your family. Just coming to terms with what you know is hard enough. We are there to support and care for you and your family, and help you live your life to the fullest.


The primary form of care is in the patient’s home. We have a team of professional nurses trained in palliative care who cover the whole of Johannesburg and Soweto. Our doctors, social workers and counsellors will also visit patients and their families at home.


Adult IPU facilities are located in Houghton, Johannesburg and Diepkloof, Soweto.  The primary form of care is in the patient’s home. We have a team of professional nurses trained in palliative care who cover the whole of Johannesburg and Soweto. Our doctors, social workers and counsellors will also visit patients and their families at home.


  • Pain management and symptom control through trained doctors and nurses

  • Counselling and support through psychologists, social workers and spiritual counsellors to patients and their families

  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement counselling

  • Equipment hire: wheelchairs, crutches, commodes can be hired for a nominal fee.





50 2nd Ave,

Houghton Estate,

Johannesburg, 2198

General Contact

011 483 9100 

New Patients

011 483 9102/3

In Patient Care

011 483 9123

Stepping Stone provides high-quality, specialist palliative care to people whose life-limiting conditions no longer respond to curative treatment - from diagnosis to death.  They aim to meet their physical, psycho-social, spiritual and social needs, and also help ensure that their families are supported both through and after this difficult time and are committed to training, supporting and encouraging other care providers to practice good palliative care.



TEL:  010 442 5059

We are proud to announce our association with Gillian Habermann, qualified Caregiver.

 "Caregiver" is a person who provides care for another person.  Caregivers can help relieve burdens and support individuals in need.  They may help for a long time or just a short time, but their care is always important.  Caregivers are responsible for the physical care and emotional support of someone who can no longer care for them self due to illness, injury or disability.

Gillian Habermann



Professional Profile

Having spent the majority of my working career in the Sales Industry, I found myself managing a lodge in the mountains, and being an au pair to a 3 year old. My position at the lodge became redundant, and I decided to embark on a career in caregiving in the United Kingdom . I have a keen interest in people, young or old, and endeavour to learn from and indeed teach both spectrums.


I am always looking to secure a challenging and rewarding new role where I can put previous experience gained within the health care profession to best use.  I know my talents are compassion, patience and empathy. I am a non judgmental, very liberal, outgoing amusing person and people enjoy my company, adults and children alike. I’m fun to be around, and can make a situation seem amusing.

Career Summary

 Job Title: Live In Carer

Company: Corinium Care

Date: January 2013 to present


 Description of assignments:


  1. Carer to an 85 y/o lady who had recently become widowed and had mild dementia. My duties included cooking and companionship. Returned to this job a number of times.

  2. Carer in a 2 person position to a 98 year old gentleman. Duties included personal care, medication, cooking, shopping. Returned to this job in February 2014 until May, when there was palliative care involved, until he died. Duties involved housekeeping, rotation of goods in the fridge, cleaning bathrooms.

  3. Carer to a 94 year old woman. Duties included medication, personal care, cooking and cleaning. Returned regularly to this position. This position involved cleaning the house: vacuuming, dusting. Ensuring fresh flowers were in the sitting room, water changed regularly. Receiving of post, answering phone calls.

  4. Carer to an 89 year old stroke victim. Duties include personal care, medication, cooking and cleaning. I am responsible for the shopping, and meal planning. I have been returning to this job on a rota every 3 weeks since May 2014. This job includes moving and handling, where we use an Oxford Journey hoist. Recently assisted this lady with Palliative care, as she approached end of life. This position involved keeping the house dust free and clean. Regular vacuum cleaning, floor washing and polishing of silver.

  5. Carer to a couple. The lady was a Parkinson sufferer and had limited mobility. Duties included medication routine, personal care, shopping, and cooking. Equipment used: stairlift, bath aid

  6. Carer to a couple, but specifically the gentleman- a 92 y/o dementia sufferer, who needed constant supervision. My duties included medication routine, personal care, and cooking

  7. Carer to a 94 y/o gentleman who had recently become widowed. My duties included personal care, cooking and medication routine.

  8. Carer to a 74 y/o gentleman, recently widowed, with dementia. My duties included personal care, cooking, medication routine, companionship. Duties also included laundry and some light ironing

  9. Carer to a 37 y/o with Aquired brain injury. Duties included personal care, and driving her son to and from school. Duties included cleaning the floor, vacuuming the carpets and cleaning the bathroom.

  10. Carer to an 85 y/o stroke victim, with limited mobility and a speech impairment. Duties included personal care, cooking, light cleaning, driving, shopping, and companionship. This household has 2 cleaners who come in once a week, so it’s the in-between cleaning that the carer is responsible for. Very large home, The Old Rectory, so very high ceilings with lots of dust. Also responsible for all laundry and some ironing

  11. Carer to an 87 y/o Parkinsons sufferer. Bed bound, 2 carer position, peg feeding. All personal care. Laundry and ironing duties. Included all aspects of personal care, catheter management,  showering, management of feeding tube. Hoist in place, and specialist equipment.

  12. Carer to a 74 y/o stroke victim, supporting his wife with care. All aspects of personal care, including showering, and hoisting, management of convene catheter

  13. Carer to a 29 y/o Autistic woman. Whilst Patti needed little personal care, she did need companionship,  and a calm, reassuring person in her life, as well as a driver. The position involves vacuuming, keeping the bathroom and kitchen tidy, all the laundry.

  14. Au pair/mothers helper to 3 children. Supporting the parents, helping with school runs, dressing, mealtimes, homework

  15. Carer to an 88 y/o with advanced dementia, and Parkinsons. All aspects of personal care,  medication, feeding, and companionship. Working closely with another care company providing additional support during the day.

  16. Carer to 73 y/o man with Corticobasal degeneration. Immobile and non verbal. All aspects of personal care,  including showering, toileting, management of catheter. Companionship to the wife, who manages his care.

  17. Carer to a couple. Lady had recently been discharged from hospital, needing support in all aspects of personal care, walking, rehabilitation. Gentleman has acute anxiety disorder,  but needs care with medication, and companionship.

  18. Carer to a couple. Gentleman had severe Parkinson’s disease and needed help with all aspects of daily life. This included personal care, medication. Lady was recovering from cellulitis, so I assisted her in the kitchen.

  19. Carer to a gentleman after he had spent time in a respite home, stoma care, cooking, and companionship.

  20. Carer to a couple, lady had stenosis of the heart and needed assistance with all aspects of personal care. I assisted in the kitchen with all the cooking. Whilst I was there, the gentleman had a stroke and died. I stayed on, and assisted with funeral arrangements, providing support.

  21. Carer to a lady with severe anxiety.  Needed companionship,  and help with all personal care. Slept in her room at night.

  22. Carer to lady with impaired vision, and mobility problems. Needed help with all aspects of personal care. Slept in the bedroom with her.

  23. Palliative care provided to a 95 y/o. 2 carer position, as gentleman is bed bound. Assisted with all aspects of personal care, cooking (kosher), and housework.





R140.00 per hour

R900.00 per day

R18'000.00 per month

Transport up to 20KM's free, thereafter R3.35 per KM.


33 Buffalo Thorn Road, Fourways Gardens


 0799707052 / 07464123394


A full CV is available on request.


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