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Alex Azab


Breast Cancer


My name is Alex Azab Tsaura. I am a 34 year old male breast cancer warrior. 


11 years ago on a Christmas day.... I started having some sharp pains on my left breast just below the nipple.  


Afterwards I saw some clear water coming from the part which was painful. Then I just moved on with life when the pain disappeared.  Five years later when I was bathing, I realised a small lump on the breast.... but the lump was not painful. 

And I just brushed it off. 

2021 that's when I started feeling throbbing pains and a clear discharge when I pressed the lump. When I researched about it, I got the shock of my life.... men have breasts too and they can have breast cancer 😫. 

So I consulted the First GP, he just gave me antibiotics and thought they would help. I went to three more hospitals nothing concrete was concluded. 

Then I was referred to St Helen Joseph clinic by the Filotimo Cancer Project and their Cancer Patient Navigator, Nicole Fuller.

They conducted tests that included a mammogram, biopsy and ultrasound scan. I indeed had invasive carcinoma (ductal) grade 1. 

So on 25 October 2021 I will be having my surgery, then they will assist on the way forward.

Check your breasts men, cause men get breast cancer too!!!


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