Stage 4 Lung Cancer


This is my story

My name is Hester Okoh and I am a suburban wife and a mother to four beautiful children. I have dedicated my life to my family and serving God and His people. I do so alongside my husband, who is the General Overseer of a dynamic ministry in the South of Johannesburg. I have a deep concern for the less fortunate and direct the church’s philanthropic ministry arm, the I-Care Ministry.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer after many years of being misdiagnosed and treated for a chronic disease called BOOP (Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia) and although given mere months to live, I am still alive years later to testify on how I have survived and managed to defy such a hopeless medical verdict through my stubborn and enduring faith in God.

My love for my husband and kids have also given me strength to keep fight against this monstrous disease with all my strength. Some days are better than others and my worse days is after chemo & immune therapy treatment but I’ve learnt to trust in God amidst the most traumatic and hopeless situations of life.


All my love

Hester Okoh