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Temotio Jacopo, known to us as Timo, is the Brand Ambassador for the Machi Filotimo Cancer Project and runs Marathons in aid of raising funds and awareness to Cancer for our amazing cause.  


Timo is a fitness instructor and a personal Trainer. He is a fabulous communicator and full of amazing positive energy.  He has an outgoing personality and enjoys working in front of large groups.  


Having been involved with a number of brands previously, he thrives on spreading his message through social media.  He is a strong motivator and believes that sport helps everyone to improve and maintain physical ability and skills.  He has years of experience as a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer in the fitness industry.  


He has participated in multiple sports activities to name but a few:-


  • Completed back to back Comrades Marathons, one of the world’s toughest ultra-marathons;

  • CYCLETHONS – as an event instructor;

  • Group Training;

  • Boot camp; and

  • Running.

He has run 6 Marathons for 2019:


  1. Old Ed’s Race of 21.1km

  2. Wanderers Rach of 21.1km

  3. CT Sanlam Marathon of 42km

  4. Kaapsehoop of 21km

  5. Soweto Marathon of 42km

  6. City Lodge Tough One of 42km

He will be running the following Marathons IN 2020:


  1. Dis-Chem half Marathon in Bedfordview 21km -   12-01-2020

  2. Johnson Crane in Benoni 42km - 26-01-2020

  3. Jeppe at Saheti School 42km - 09-02-2020

  4. PWC Kodmos in Secunda 73km - 07-03-2020

  5. Two Oceans in Cape Town 56km - 11-04-2020

  6. Miway wally hayward marathon in Pretoria 42km - 01-05-2020

  7. Comrades Marathon in KZN - 14-06-2020

  8. Filotimo Ultra Marathon of Honour 2020 - 28-11-2020

If you would like to support our Cause and our Brand Ambassador, please click on the link to our BackaBuddy page




Whilst running these Marathons, he will be raising funds and creating awareness for the project.  


His lifelong goal is to run the New York Marathon.  He has an outgoing personality and enjoys working in front of large groups.

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