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Breast Cancer


The 11th June 2018 is a date that will be forever engraved in my head.


At that date I was a 56-year-old lady with two grown children.  Every two years like clockwork in June, I always did my mammograms. So, 2018 was no different except my daughter was not with me.


Towards the end of the mammo and scan the doctor informs me she is a bit concerned and needs to do more tests.


Now this is when the panic set in, although I kept saying to myself it cannot be, this happens to other people, it does not run in my family.  The following day I received the news that I had breast cancer.  The tears just flowed and wouldn't stop.  This cannot be happening to me.  I was terrified.  It took a week to sink in and then I put it to the back of my head as I had an overseas holiday coming up.  I was living in a bubble and truly could not even think about it.  I went on an amazing holiday with lots of r and r, massages, pedis and sound therapy.


Life was great for three weeks, until two days before I had to fly home.  Then reality set in and I knew it was time to start the journey.  I went home armed with a strong body, mind and soul.  


Two days after arriving home I started chemo.  I can only say the support that I received during months of chemo from family and friends was overwhelming.  I could not have done this without them!


They were at my side for every appointment.  I continued to work during chemo and would be tired for about three days after chemo.  My chemo ended in January, it was a fabulous start to 2019, although, I knew we still had another two phases of my journey.


February brought about my surgery.  I opted for a lumpectomy.  I had a choice and for me this was the option I chose.  Surgery went well and I had six weeks to recover before radiation.  Of everything I had been through the radiation is what frightened me the most, this lasted for six weeks every day.  


The day I finished radiation was the start of the new me.  I was not actually sure what the new me was but, I realised the strength I had during my journey was strength I never had before.


The days and weeks after my journey were not easy.  I was scared, scared of, what if it comes back.  It was a roller coaster of emotions, which now I know is very normal.


I have had the all clear for ten months now and realise my life has been enriched in so many ways.  The people I have met have been so inspirational.  I treasure my days and know that I am blessed beyond words.


I started my new business called Beauty & Blessings, making head wear for anyone going through hair loss.  

Someone once said to me during my journey, one day your story will be someone’s survival guide


My one-year survivor-ship is around the corner and I look forward to celebrating and sharing my story.


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