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19 February 2021 - Celebration of International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day 15 February - Donation to CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge Pretoria

What an emotional yet heartwarming morning we had with our Filotimo Family at CANSA TLC NICUS LODGE. Our hearts were filled with joy hearing all the children and their parents start off the outreach lunch by singing two songs lead by Vera and her amazing team. We got to share special moments with these little warriors.. and just for a few hours.. took their mind away from their Cancer Treatment and Pain💙

We celebrated moments and made them matter by ending off the day with a donation to Nicus Lodge of R5’000.00🙏

Huge thank you to the following partners for making this dream come true today:-

1. Elenia Kolokotronis for donating R5’000.00 which will be used by Nicus Lodge to revamp their children’s bathrooms.

2. TRSS Reaction for donating R1’000.00 towards the outreach lunch.

3. Nicole Fuller for donating R400.00 towards the outreach lunch.

4. Magesh from Lupo Bakery for sponsoring 9 dozen hotdog rolls for the outreach lunch.

5. Millennium Meats for assisting with delicious borewors for the outreach lunch.

6. Candice Hamman on behalf of Owen's DIPG Legacy for creating amazing “build your own bracelets” and getting crayons & colouring books sponsored for the kiddies goodie bags.

7. Stacy from Cartoon Candy for sponsoring yummy treats for the kiddies goodie bags.

8. Alwin from Souls to Feed for donating food items for the kiddies family to take home.

9. Megan from Nudnik Marketing for sponsoring Boys T-shirts for the kiddies goodie bags.

10. Chloe from Smile Foundation for sponsoring princess wands for the kiddies goodie bags.

11. MFCP for contributing on the balance of toys for kiddies goodie bags.

Thank you for helping us do what we do... in the spirit of Filotimo!!

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