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Juandre, diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, joined our Filotimo Kids Club in March 2022. HIS MOM, JANINE, WOULD LIKE TO SHARE HIS STORY.: “Juandre was born on 3 July 2015, a healthy boy. At 1 year, 8 months we noticed that his 1 eye's color was very different, so we had him examined by a ophthalmologist, who was of the opinion that his eyes' color changed. One night he was playing with a light shining in his eyes & then what's when I saw this white/yellow stuff floating around in his right pupil. We took him to an eye specialist, sent us for further tests & found out that he had Retinoblastoma. At age 2, his right eye was removed, another biopsy performed showing that cancer had spread to his optic nerve. We were given 2 options. Chemo that had a 50% chance or Brachytherapy, which had a 90% chance, but treatment was in the Cape. We raised money to go to Cape Town & the treatment worked, but there were no surgeries to submit. We also raised money to get a bio eye implant. Mucosa did not work, another operation done where they took a piece of the inside of Juandre's mouth to cover. After an EUA checkup at JHB General, we were informed that the bio eye was being squeezed out of Juandre's eye socket & had shrunk & needs to be removed. State hospital could not do that operation & we had to go private again for his operation. Luckily an angel came our way, who took us to a wonderful eye specialist & he did the surgery for free. Juandre had to get a new artificial eye & he is going to need a new artificial eye again later in the year or next year. As we do not have medical aid, we will need to pay cash for these future needs". Juandre is currently in remission & continues to go for his regular checkups & tests. “THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS TOWARDS FILOTIMO AS THIS HELPS SUPPORT JUANDRE AND HIS FAMILY MONTHLY WITH NECESSITY ITEMS“ - Janine. If you would like to contribute towards Juandre’s medical bill & food vouchers, please donate here MACHI FILOTIMO CANCER PROJECT FIRST NATIONAL BANK ACC: 628-2019-2318 BR: 251-242 REF: JUANDRE & YOUR NAME

We continue to support Juandre monthly in the spirit of Filotimo!

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