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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

SPECIAL DELIVERY on Tuesday, 17th November 2020, to our wonderful friends at THE NICUS LODGE CANSA TLC Centre in Pretoria.

Thank you to our Filotimo partners who contributed to this amazing cause. We were able to purchase and deliver 100 boxes of Future Life, 100 x Yum Yum Peanut butter jars, Biscuits, NikNaks & Simba Chips, Spiderman T-Shirts and Princess Wands from our amazing partners, and institutions.

Thank you Timo, our dedicated brand ambassador for sharing in these special moments as we change lives in the spirit of FILOTIMO.

Special thanks to Cheryl Ingram from TDMC.SA, Future Life and Yum Yum Peanut Butter for their generous donations of 60 boxes of Future Life and 72 jars of Yum Yum Peanut Butter. We really appreciate this kind gesture.

The CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge is situated on the premises of Tshwane District Hospital in support of Steve Biko and other local hospital’s paediatric oncology units in Pretoria and offers home-from-home accommodation to parents, guardians and care-givers of children undergoing treatment far from their homes.

Parents and guardians may stay free of charge for the duration of their child’s treatment and 50 beds are available for them to use. The lodge is open all year. This is ideal for parents who stay far away from treatment centres or who struggle with transport costs when taking their child for treatment.

Services Offered at CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge:

  • Accommodation to one or both parents and siblings on occasion. We have 50 beds in on-suite family rooms, as well as single, double, triple rooms with communal facilities. Some rooms do have a cot catering for a baby, as many battle with a diagnosed child while having a small sibling who needs support also.

  • Live in accommodation for those parents / children who cannot go home between treatments

  • Cooked meal and open space for self-help in kitchen

  • Monthly food parcels

  • Toiletries are provided when needed

  • Laundry facilities for all ward patients and parents

  • Information group sessions (training re cancer signs & symptoms in children; dietary information and education; pain and symptom control and ‘end of life’ care)

  • One on one trauma support / counselling / grief support

  • Isolation rooms for immune deprived children

  • Prosthetic support

  • Arts & crafts activities are also offered to help pass the time constructively

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