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It is with great sadness and a very broken 💔 today that we announce the passing of two of our Filotimo Cancer Champions, Chantelle Delport⁩ and Maria Da Costa⁩ this morning.

Chantelle was a super warrior who fought Melanoma and who never ever gave up and was and will always continue to be an inspiration to so many of us.

Maria was a power cancer warrior for 29 years and she fought AML recently till the end and had so much faith. She was a warrior and a soldier for Jesus and believed always that faith can move mountains and it did exactly that!

Today we have lost two beautiful souls.. but heaven has gained two beautiful angels😇😇 Chantelle Delport⁩ and Maria Da Costa⁩ our promise to never forget you and celebrate your life always🙏

Our hearts are broken 💔

Our sincere condolences to both families💙

This reminds us of how fragile life is and we must never forget to make moments matter 🙏

#filotimocancerchampions #wewillneverforgetyou #filotimoangels #filotimocares

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