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Stage 4 HER2+

Breast Cancer


This is my story


I was diagnosed in October 2018 with Her2+ Stage 4 Breast Cancer.


I had three lesions in my liver and started my chemotherapy exactly two weeks after my diagnosis. I received 4 Red Devils, followed by 12 Paclitaxols, and four weeks later had a double mastectomy. When my pathology results came back after my double mastectomy, my doctor told me I had a complete pathological response, which only happens in 2% of stage 4 Her2 +patients.


After my mastectomy, I had complications with my reconstruction and I had to remove my silicone. I then had 16 radiations and the following year I had my 2nd silicon removed due to capsular contraction.

I have been in remission since last year June 2019.


What gave me courage?


Was that on I still had a lot of unfinished things that I wanted to do. I started making hats for chemo patients and seeing the joy, the confidence and the self-esteem that I added to each individual gave me meaning to keep fighting to make all our warriors look beautiful.

My advice is that you should not take Your health for granted breast cancer can happen to anybody at any time at any age and educating yourself is crucial, Live for today live in the moment don’t fret the small stuff and focus on your relationships.


Remember to live

The person I am today is a person who has found her meaning in life. I’ve taken my lemons and I started making lemonade with it. 


My online shop where I support breast cancer patients with my chemo hats and selling breast cancer memorabilia makes my journey worth it.  I donate free hats to all the cancer units in Western cape, George, PE and East London.  It is part of my "pay it forward" project.  Every lady undergoing chemo receives a complimentary hat from me. The ones people order online sponsor them

I wish I was more knowledgeable about breast cancer! I always thought it wouldn’t happen to me! I never did breast examinations. I did however, go for mammograms every year and then skipped one year....


So my motto - don’t think breast cancer can’t happen to you,

remember knowledge is power.

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