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PNET (Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor)


My Cancer Journey

In 2014 one evening I sat on the couch and felt a hard ball pushing on my hamstring. When I pressed on this ‘hard ball’ behind my leg, my toes went numb.

After doing an ultra sound and MRI, I discovered that I had a sarcoma tumor. I was referred to a Professor in Pretoria who recommended that I remove the tumor immediately.

During my surgery to remove the tumor the Professor, with the pathology team realized that this was not a sarcoma tumor, instead it was something more serious and decided not to remove the tumor.

The pathology team through the biopsy confirmed it was a PNET tumor (primitive neuroectodermal tumor).

The medical team working on my case decided a week after my first operation that they would completely remove this tumor and I had to undergo a second surgery.

After recovery from my operation, I was referred to an oncologist where I began my chemotherapy. This specific chemotherapy had to be brought in from overseas due to the rarity of my cancer.

I did 106 bottles of chemotherapy over a period of 6 months. The treatment has been successful and I have been in remission for six years.

What got me through this difficult phase of my life was to have a supportive family, staying positive, having courage, a fighting spirit and a great faith in God

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