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We were very blessed to have met one of our first champions that joined our Filotimo Family, Maria Da Costa. Maria celebrated 29 years of survivorship, by the grace of God👏🏻🙏💙 Maria, we love you and thank you for bringing us Love and Inspiration every day! We also we had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing team from Stepping Stone Hospice. What a blessing to have such caring, loving and compassionate people around when you need them the most🙏 They are currently attending to one of our #filotimocancerchampions and we could not be prouder to be associated with such an amazing institution! Thank you for all that you do.. another reason why we do what we do.. in the spirit of Filotimo! Thank you to BMW Bryanston for always driving us to our destinations to continue to do what we do.. in the spirit of Filotimo🎗 The Machi Filotimo Cancer Project is proudly driven by BMW BRYANSTON🎗our preferred #bmwdealership About Stepping Stone Hospice:- Hospice is not a place but a ‘philosophy of care’ for people facing a life-limiting illness. It addresses a patient’s physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs, and also helps support those who love them. A common misconception about hospice is that it is ‘a last resort’ and that a person must be bedridden or unable to communicate in order to receive help. On the contrary, seeking hospice and palliative care (pain and symptom relief) isn’t about giving up or hastening death. Most people choose to receive hospice care in their homes; however, when a symptom such as pain cannot be managed in the home, patients can choose to receive care in our inpatient hospice unit. The in-patient unit offers 14 dignity rooms with 24 hour visiting. Most of the rooms are furnished with a reclining chair which allows for a family member to stay overnight. Family members are encouraged to make full use of this facility. For more info visit #steppingstonehospice #palliativecare #filotimofamilyofpartners #filotimocancerchampions #filotimocancerproject

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